ICORE Revolver


ICORE (pronounced “eye core”) is an organization of people that enjoy competing in an action pistol (IPSC) style competition with wheel guns. The matches combine elements of IPSC, Action Pistol (the Bianchi Cup), and the Steel Challenge, into demanding competition exclusively for revolvers.

Scoring is based on total time (no hit factors, faster is better), so match results can be easily calculated by hand.  Poor hits or misses simply add time to a shooters score. Founded in 1991, ICORE currently has several hundred active members worldwide in the US, Germany and Switzerland.  

Stages are set up in a safe manner, without presenting a hazard to any shooter and are generally 6 round neutral. Courses of fire may incorporate cardboard and steel targets and may be from a fixed position or involve movement between positions.

All firearms used in ICORE matches must be revolvers with a calibre of .32 magnum or greater.  Open and Limited Divisions are recognized.

ICORE requires a holster that will securely hold your firearm and sufficient loaders and loader holders as necessary to complete the stage at hand.  The holders must be attached to your gun belt.


Quarterly Postal Matches are held as per the Club Calandar on Saturday/Sunday commencing at 8.30am


ICORE Discipline Representative is Dale Davies - Ph: 0400 597 105

See also ICORE web pages at or