Membership and Licensing

New Member Information Packs are available from the Committee Room in the clubhouse and the link below.  The pack contains all the documentation you will need to get your application for membership started.

Download New Member Information Pack

Download Club Rules and Code of Conduct

To become a member of the Darwin Pistol Club an applicant must meet the following requirements:

Junior Membership applicants must also provide:

After approval of the application by the Committee, the member may apply to the Police for a Category H Sports Shooter Permit.  The permit is valid for three months during which time the member must;

At the completion of the three month permit period, the member may apply to the Committee for support for the issue of a Category H Sports Shooter License.  The member's attendance record, general demeanour and firearms handling proficiency will be considered by the Committee in reaching their decision.  The Committee may decide to support the application by issuing the member a Certificate of Firearms Club Membership, or recommend the member continue with another three month permit to obtain further experience and training.  If an application is rejected by the Committee, any Membership Fees paid to the Club will be refunded.

After a member has held a Category H Sports Shooter License for a minimun period of six months, the member may apply to the Committee for support for the issue of a Purchase Permit to purchase a firearm.  The Committee will consider the discipline for which the member wishes to use the firearm for, and the appropriateness of the firearm for that discipline.  The member must also be able to satisfy the NT Police that they have appropriate storage facilities for the firearm.


Membership Categories

The following Categories of membership of DPC are available.  The current annual fees are as indicated (including GST).

Membership Category

Annual Fees (including GST)

Ordinary Membership $260
Family/Student Membership $110
Junior Membership $30
Associate Membership $130
Senior/Concessional Membership – Over 65 years $130
Honorary Membership Nil
Life Membership Nil
Committee Member 50% of relevant fee
Corporate Membership Fees to be negotiated on Application


It is a legal requirement of both the Northern Territory Firearms Act 2003 and the Darwin Pistol Club that all members be capitated to one of the following recognised peak body Associations:

Failure to maintain correct capitation may result in the cancellation of your Category H Sports Shooter License/Permit and confiscation of any Category H firearms you own.

Category H Sports Shooters License Requirements

Life Membership must be approved at an Annual General Meeting and is only offered to those members who have offered outstanding service to the Darwin Pistol Club.

Life members

john bellman
John Bellman
brian stacey
Phil Stacey
brian newell
Brian Newell